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    Better Living with Design is a psychoeducational resource for building human potential and transforming people into inspired, mission-driven and world-changing individuals. We use digital mediums and learning platforms to help people become their best selves - and empower them to alchemize their learnings into a mission that improves communities and expands opportunities across the globe.


    Since 2017, we've partnered with universities, corporations, and the public sector to expand our reach through research and trainings that have already shifted the culture and atmosphere at hundreds of workplaces and institutions through evidence-based practices in positive psychology and organizational science.


    To date, our work has spanned nearly 20 countries and counting, impacting areas like poverty reduction, social innovation, rural revitalization, education and bio-conservation. By 2025, we will have impacted over 10,000,000+ lives in 50+ countries through our collective innovations and community engagements.


    At Better Living with Design, we're creating a better connected, more compassionate world where we all act on behalf of the collective good of humanity.

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