• About the Founder

    Elle Mason


    I created Better Living with Design to act as a comprehensive center for well-being across key areas of life. Too often, in the pursuit for happiness or success, we focus on one particular part of our life: landing the perfect job, earning the biggest salary, visiting your dream destination or finding The One.


    But building a life worth living requires that we pay attention to, and nurture, all of the different areas of our life: our work, our relationships, our physical and mental health, our financial stability, and even the way that we play. Cultivating a sense of well-being and life satisfaction means building the autonomy, flexibility, and mastery needed to craft our ideal lives - and learning (and practicing) the skills needed to effectively navigate our inner and relational worlds as much as our external worlds.


    That's why the full suite of Better Living with Design projects span areas such as work, school, art, personal development, productivity, finance, health, and wellness. Everything in the ecosystem matters. And when we've self-actualized and attained self-mastery, we create the mental and physical space to tackle global problems.


    As a creator, writer, researcher, instructor, practitioner, and consultant - I'm dedicated to helping people use interdisciplinary insights from positive psychology, organizational science, and other areas to build mission-driven lives of fulfillment, meaning, creativity and joy.


    I've studied psychology and education at The University of North Carolina, Johns Hopkins University and Harvard University, and I'm currently in the process of becoming a certified practitioner in Counseling, Positive Psychology & Mindfulness, and Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy.