• Better Living with Design

    We help people use science and technology to improve key areas of their lives - at home and at work.


    Happy, Healthy & Almost Wealthy - for living a remarkable life
    Personal development through Courses, Books, and Blogs
    • Master Your Money
    • Master Your Mindset and Mental Performance
    • Master Your Craft
    SmartWork.GreatWork - for becoming a remarkable workplace
    • Consulting & Research
    • Thought Leadership
    • Transformation
    intentions. - for planning a remarkable year (2019)
    • Inspirational & Evidence-Based Planners and Apps for 10x Goal-Setting

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    Elle Mason

    Founder of Better Living with Design

    I'm Elle, and I created Better Living with Design because it's my life's mission to use scientific insights to help people start living their most fulfilled and meaningful lives, achieve their wildest ambitions, and build a life abundant with happiness, health and wealth, in whatever way is most salient to them.


    Whether it's through using data-to-action to create a flourishing workplace (where we spend 1/3 of our lives!) or lifestyle design and behavioral psychology to improve your personal well-being, I'm dedicated to arming people with tools to transition from surviving to thriving.

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