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    We use organizational science, psychology and design to improve the way you work and live.


    Happy, Healthy & Almost Wealthy - for designing a remarkable life
    Personal development through Courses, Books, and Blogs
    • Master Your Money
    • Master Your Mindset and Mental Performance
    • Master Your Craft
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    SmartWork.GreatWork - for becoming a remarkable workplace
    Organizational effectiveness firm helping people-focused businesses use the latest insights in positive organizational science to::
    • Create and Improve Learning Experiences
    • Optimize and Strengthen People-Focused Cultures
    • Define and Implement Best Practices for Employee Wellbeing and Satisfaction
    intentions. - for planning a remarkable year (Summer 2019)
    • Inspirational & Evidence-Based Planners and Apps for 10x Goal-Setting
    Flourishing. (Winter 2019)
    • Experiments in Happiness & Healing 

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    Elle Mason


    I'm Elle, and I created Better Living with Design as a resource to use scientific insights to help people start living their most fulfilled and meaningful lives, achieve their wildest ambitions, and build a life of abundance.


    Whether it's through using data-to-action to create a flourishing workplace (where we spend 1/3 of our lives!) or lifestyle design and behavioral psychology to improve your personal well-being, I'm dedicated to arming people with tools to transition from surviving to thriving.

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