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    For building human potential, creating well-being and crafting ideal lives.

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    How to Design a Life - personal development, money + mastery.
    Aspiring travelers and nomads can download the guide: How to Work from Anywhere

    Building human capital in the workplace using positive organizational science & psychology

    Transformative Planners, Notebooks, and Journals for Creating a 10x Life Vision

    Self-Guided Therapeutic & Creative Experiments + Exercises for Happiness & Healing

    Multimedia on Travel, Food, Art, Style, Design, Home & Garden

    vital. (2020)

    Using design to improve quality of life

    capitalize. (2020)

    Micro-impact fund investing directly in people and projects that are building human capital and alleviating poverty

    sensations. (2020)

    Creating sensory experiences, tuning and wellness

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    Better Living with Design is an educational resource for building human potential, crafting ideal lives, and creating well-being.


    Happy, Healthy & Almost Wealthy helps you design your ideal lifestyle by mastering your craft, money & mindset to create flexibility and autonomy in your external life.


    SmartWork.GreatWork uses positive organizational science to build human capital and help people-centered businesses thrive.


    intentions. helps you execute on massive, life-altering goals through innovative and outcome-focused planning systems.


    Flourishing. makes therapeutic practices more accessible & builds fulfillment in your internal life by helping you better connect with yourself and others.


    INSPIRE is an artistic platform that uses visual storytelling to document and share absorbing and kinetic design and world travel experiences.


    vital is a studio using digital design, neuroaesthetics and urban planning to improve quality of life.


    sensations brings plant medicine, sensory and grounding experiences to your home.


    capitalize invests in people and projects that contribute to building human capital and alleviating global poverty.


    Maison-Richelle curates and designs elegant, timeless, sensual feminine fashions.


    betterschools incorporates social-emotional learning, compassion, and positive psychology into the classroom.

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  • Founder

    Elle Mason


    Hi! I'm Elle, and I created Better Living with Design to act as a comprehensive center for well-being across key areas of life. Too often, in the pursuit for happiness or success, we focus on one particular part of our life: landing the perfect job, earning the biggest salary, visiting your dream destination or finding The One.


    But building a life worth living requires that we pay attention to, and nurture, all of the different areas of our life: our work, our relationships, our physical and mental health, our financial stability, and even the way that we play. Cultivating a sense of well-being and life satisfaction means building the autonomy, flexibility, and mastery needed to craft our ideal lives - and learning (and practicing) the skills needed to effectively navigate our inner and relational worlds as much as our external worlds.


    That's why the full suite of Better Living with Design projects span areas such as work, school, art, personal development, productivity, finance, health, and wellness. Everything in the ecosystem matters.


    As a creator, writer, researcher, instructor, practitioner, and consultant - I'm dedicated to helping people use scientific insights from positive psychology, organizational science, and other areas to build lives of fulfillment, meaning, creativity and joy.


    I've studied psychology, education, and management at The University of North Carolina, Johns Hopkins University and Harvard University, and I'm currently in the process of becoming a certified practitioner in Counseling, Positive Psychology & Mindfulness, Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy, as well as becoming a certified Data Scientist.


    As a lifelong learner, artist and self-declared polymath, I will continue to study every single topic that interests me - from design to culinary arts - and, as a full-time traveler, the world is my teacher. I started building Better Living with Design in 2018, and I've continued expanding it in over 15 countries and counting as a nomad. Feel free to ask me where in the world I am!

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